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Celtic Awards

The Celtic Council awards Celtic honours to those giving meritorious service to Celtic affairs, with a right to use a distinctive post-nominal.

If you are a member wanting to nominate a person for an award please download the Award Nomination form at this page.

Such honours are currently selected from the following five categories:

  • Duine Uasal (D Ua) (green pin/ribbon) (from the Irish language - "Honoured person / (Celtic) gentleman or woman").
    To be awarded to persons who have given honourable service to a single Celtic community, or on a particular occasion, or whom the Celtic Council of Australia (QLD) wishes to so honour.
  • Duine Urramach (D Urr) (blue pin/ribbon) (from Scots Gaelic - "Noble person / Honoured person").
    To be awarded to persons who have given distinguished service to one of the communities or on a particular occasion or to the Celtic Council itself. 
  • Cyfaill y Celtiad (C y C) (red pin/ribbon) (from Welsh - "Friend of the Celts").
    To be awarded for distinguished service to whole Celtic community or the Celtic Council itself or for very distinguished service to a part of the Celtic community.
  • Tus Enorys Ewn (T En E) (black pin/ribbon) (from Cornish - "Truly honoured person").
    To be awarded for most distinguished service to the Celtic community.
  • Chairn Tustey Ceiltagh (C Tu C) (yellow pin/ribbon) (from Manx - "Leader of Celtic learning").
    To be awarded for successful leadership in the Celtic community.
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